Problem: You receive 'Sync trigger detected - New IP Address' or 'NewIPAddress' messages in your logs

This article applies to Domain Time II.

Last Updated: 31 August 2020

Problem and Symptoms

    Domain Time Server or Client logs report "Sync trigger detected - New IP Address" warnings. These may occur whether or not the machine actually has obtained a new IP address.


    Domain Time monitors the network stack for changes to the IP address list on the machine so that it can continue communicating with the network in the event of such a change. If it receives a signal from the OS that's consistent with an IP address change, Domain Time will, by default, redo its bindings and resynchronize. Normally, this is useful and poses little impact to regular operation.

    However, on some newer versions of Windows, the operating system resets the network stack even if no changes to the IP address list have occurred. This results in spurious triggering of the rebind and resync behavior of Domain Time. If this occurs, you will see the "New IP Address" messages occuring in the log, even though there have been no network changes.


    Although this behavior merely results in a temporary delay for Domain Time to accomplish the rebind and resync, you may find the process and these messages unhelpful. You can disable this function from the Network property page of the Domain Time applet. Uncheck the

       Initiate rebind and resync if IP address changes

    checkbox. Note that if you do so, you will need to manually restart the Domain Time service if you do ever actually change the IP address list on the machine.

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