Problem: Systems using AMD processors experience excessive time drift or jumps

    This article applies to Domain Time II.

    Last Updated: 31 August 2007


      Systems using AMD processors experience excessive time drift or jumps.


      You may see significant clock drift or large time corrections on machines using AMD processors equipped with AMD's PowerNow! power-save functionality. Time may appear to constantly be drifting or periodically jump by large amounts, resulting in a large number of clock corrections as Domain Time attempts to compensate for the clock instability.


      A number of systems using AMD processors with power-saving features (sometimes referred to as AMD PowerNow!) have known problems servicing the timers used by the operating system on a consistent basis, which results in system clock instability in the operating system. The problem occurs more often on machines using multi-core processors, such as on Opteron dual-core systems.

      AMD has acknowledged this problem and has released a new version of their AMD PowerNow! Technology Driver driver for various operating systems that addresses this issue.


      Follow the instructions from your hardware vendor on the proper way to resolve this issue. AMD recommends installing the latest version of the Processor Technology Driver appropriate to your operating system and processor from the Support and Downloads section of the AMD website. As with all such patches, be sure to test thoroughly before deploying to production systems.

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