FAQ: Common errors, warnings, and notifications when using Domain Time

This article applies to Domain Time II.

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2019

This is brief description of the most common notifications you may receive when using Domain Time. Some of the items are more fully explained in the KB articles indicated. You may also find more information by searching the Internet for more detailed explanations of specific Windows error messages.

  • error 10060: Timed out
    Generated by the operating system. This indicates a nework problem. The network traffic may be being blocked by a firewall, or the service on the remote machine is not running.

  • error 10061: Connection refused
    Generated by the remote operating system. This indicates a nework or configuration problem. The target port will not accept connections. May be a firewall issue or some other program is listening on the target port. May also be due to a DNS resolution problem where traffic is going to the wrong machine. This error is only valid for TCP connections. If you get this error while using UDP, it is mislabled by the operating system.

  • error 11001: Host not found
    Generated by the operating system. The name or IP address specified cannot be found. May be due to a DNS name resolution issue.

  • error 259: No valid time sources
    Generated by Domain Time. None of the specified or discovered time sources responded to time requests. Could be a firewall problem or the targeted machines are not responding for some other reason.

  • Sync trigger detected - Clock Change: WM_TIMECHANGE broadcast detected
    Generated by Domain Time. A user or another process has changed the time. This also occurs when the time zone or DST changes. See KB2015.401.

  • error 53: The network path was not found
    Generated by the operating system. The directory or file the program is attempting to open cannot be located. Can occur whent attempting to remotely control another machine that doesn't have Domain Time installed or is otherwise blocked. See KB2001.728.

  • error 1901: Clock not set on server
    Generated by Domain Time. Time obtained from the specified time server cannot be used because it has failed to set its own time. Contact the administrator of the time server to request resolution.

  • Access Denied (or Control Access Denied)
    Generated by either the operating system of Domain Time. May have several causes. See KB2001.728.

  • Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password
    Generated by the operating system. Cannot log on to the remote system using the credentials supplied. Seen primarily when using Manager to control a remote machine.

  • error 1722: The RPC server is unavailable
    Generated by the operating system. Cannot log on to the remote system. Can occur whent attempting to remotely control another machine that isn't running Windows or does not have the RPC service running/accepting logons.

  • error 6: The handle is invalid
    Generated by the operating system. Usually caused when unable to access the registry while attempting to remote control another machine. May also be due to an issue on machines upgraded from previous versions of Windows. See KB2010.1104.

  • error 2148098064: The digital signature of the object did not verify
    Generated by Domain Time. Indicates an issue with symmetric key authentication. Can also occur when using Windows Authentication and the machine's RID is incorrect, or its MACHINE$ password is wrong. See KB2012.626.

  • Error 10054: connection reset by peer (or An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host)
    Generated by the operating system. The machine being contacted exists but it is not answering the requested port. Could be due to a firewall, service not installed or running, or other misconfiguration.

  • Error 10054: connection reset by peer Could not send level 1 cascade trigger to [machine]
    Generated by the operating system, logged by Domain Time. Caused when a Domain Time Master server cannot communicate propertly with known Slave servers. See KB2002.502.

  • Error 11002: retry needed
    Generated by the operating system. This error is typically a temporary error during host name resolution, and it means that the local server did not receive a response from an authoritative server. A retry at some time later may be successful. Check your DNS and/or NetBIOS name resolution and, as a workaround, try changing to use an IP address instead of hostname.

  • Error 64: The specified network name is no longer available.
    Generated by the operating system. This typically means the machine you're connecting to is not visible via NetBIOS to the Windows Computer Browser service. Newer versions of Windows have NetBIOS disabled by default. You can enable it from the WINS tab of the IPv4 properties of your adapter options (Network Settings).

  • PTP Sync State reports Faulty
    Generated by Domain Time. Domain Time has detected a duplicate PTP portIdentity on the network. See KB2019.915.

  • Error 1068: The dependency services or group failed to start.
    Generated by the operating system. Domain Time Client and Server depend upon both the Workstation and TCP/IP services. Use the Windows Services Control Manager to ensure sure both services are set to Automatic and are started.

  • Sync trigger detected - New IP Address
    Generated by Domain Time. The OS has indicated a change in the IP address list of the machine. These warnings may be spurious on newer versions of Windows. See KB2020.831.

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