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    .  Nothing to install -- remote machines only have to be running Windows (XP or later)*
    .  Just run the 32-bit or 64-bit version of LMCHECK.EXE from any Windows machine

    The Domain Time LMCheck test tool lets you roughly assess the current time of Windows machines on your network quickly and easily. It uses the built-in LAN Manager NetRemote TOD (Time of Day) function to check the time on all the machines in the browse list.

    Click the Start button to perform the scan. Click the Save Results button to pull the results up in Notepad so that you may save them wherever you wish.

    Time variances from the machine on which you run LMCheck are calculated and displayed, taking into account any network latencies. You may select the domain you wish to scan from the drop-down list.

    Note: The variance report generated by LMCheck cannot be as detailed or as accurate as variance reports provided by the Domain Time II Manager, the Monitor Service, the DTCheck utility, or Domain Time II Audit Server, each of which use much more accurate time protocols and sampling methods to measure the time differentials. Also, LMCheck cannot measure any systems not running Microsoft Networking (with NetBIOS enabled).

    Generally, you will only want to use LMCheck to obtain a quick snapshot of the time variance on networks where Domain Time is not yet installed.

    Although it is included as part of the licensed Domain Time II Management Tools, LMCheck itself is freeware, and can be downloaded separately and freely distributed as long as the program is unmodified.

    *Target machines must be running Microsoft Networking (with NetBIOS-enabled) and respond to NetRemoteTOD queries.



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