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Domain Time II Audit Server
Version 5.2

Audit Disk Space Estimator

The information on this page will help you estimate how much disk storage to allow for Audit Server's operations. There are two main types of data that can be collected by Audit Server:

  • Audit Records are snapshot summary records with details about each audited machine taken at the time the Audit is performed.

  • Synchronization Logs are collected historical records of each individual time check performed by a Domain Time Client or Server. They may consist of the Drift and/or PTP Offset logs.

 Audit Record Disk Space Calculator

    This calculator lets you estimate the storage space required for your audit records. Note that this calculation only estimates space for audit records; see the section below for information on estimating synchronization (drift) logs space.

    1. Enter the number of machines you want to audit, and how often you will be auditing them.

      How many machines per audit?   
      How many audits per day?   
      How many days per week?   

    2. Then click the Calculate button....

      Total Audit Records per Week: 30   (45.0 KB)
      Total Audit Records per Month: 129   (194.0 KB)

      You can configure Audit Server to automatically delete older Audit Records to prevent unlimited growth of disk usage on the Audit Tasks dialog.

 Synchronization (Drift) Log Estimation

    When Audit Server is configured to collect Synchronization Logs, synchronization records will collected from each audited machine into log files on the Audit Server. Each time an audit is performed, new synchronization records are appended to the stored log files.

    Each individual sync event in the log takes ~20 bytes of log space.

    Therefore, the size of each machine's sync log depends on how often that particular machine is synchronizing its time. The total amount of disk space required can be calculated by determining how often a machine is synchronzing per day and multiplying that number times the size required to store each sync event.

    For example, collecting logs from 10 machines that synchronize themselves an average of once an hour would use ~ 4k per day.

      24 sync events/day x 20 bytes log space = 480 bytes per machine.
      480 bytes/machine x 10 machines = 4800 bytes (4 kb)

    However, logs can grow much larger if you are auditing more machines and these machines are synchronizing more often. If you audit 100 machines that are synchronizing themselves every minute, you would generate almost 3 meg of logs per day.

      1440 sync events/day x 20 bytes log space = 28,800 bytes (28k) per machine.
      28 kbytes/machine x 100 machines = 2.8 Megabytes

    You can set a limit on the overall size of your synchronization logs in the Audit Server Synchronization Log configuration settings.


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