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Domain Time II
Version 5.2

Upgrading from previous versions

Information about upgrading to Domain Time II 5.2 from a previous version or from other time software.

Note: Please review the version 5.2 System Requirements and Changelogs carefully.
They contain critical information you will need to successfully upgrade and use Domain Time II v5.2.

  • Upgrading from Domain Time 1.x (DT1)
    If you are upgrading an existing Domain Time 1.x installation to 5.2, upgrade your PDC first, then any DCs, then finally any clients. This will ensure that all down-level machines continue working while the upgrade is in progress. Don't forget that you can install or upgrade over the network. See the Rolling Out Domain Time II page for instructions on performing remote upgrades.

  • Upgrading from Domain Time II, versions 2.1 or later

    IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from version 4.x, be sure to read the 4.x to 5.x Considerations page

    In general, Domain Time II Version 2.1 and later Servers and Clients are completely interoperable (with the exceptions noted below), see below), so you can upgrade any machine at any time without disturbing the program's operation.

    For best results, however, you should upgrade in this order:

    1. Manager (and Audit Server, if installed)
    2. Master Server
    3. Slave Servers
    4. Any other Domain Time Server
    5. Clients

    We recommend using the Domain Time II Manager to easily upgrade all your existing machines. Manager can investigate your network, automatically upgrade all your existing Domain Time machines, and provide a list of other machines that need to be upgraded manually. See the Network Rollout page for instructions on performing remote upgrades.

      Upgrades are available using the following methods:

      • Download the latest upgrade patch file from our website.
      • Contact us to obtain the new distribution files on physical media.

      Potential incompatibilities:
      Items that may cause issues when interoperating with older versions of Domain Time II Versions:

      1. Servers prior to build 2.5.b.20030212 cannot provide the Domain Time II TCP protocol.
      2. Only version 3.1 and later Clients can understand DT2 Broadcasts that include timestamps ("Heartbeats (with Data)").
      3. As of v5.1, Domain Time uses both TCP and UDP port 9909 (DT2) for basic operations. Firewalls will need to pass both types of DT2 traffic, even if NTP (port 123 UDP) is actually being used to synchronize the time.
      4. Masters and Slaves from versions prior to v5.x will interoperate with newer Master and Slaves, but will not replicate security parameters or other advanced v5.x (or later) information.
      5. The Foreign Slave function of Masters and Slaves has been deprecated as of v5.1. Any older Servers set as Foreign Slaves will need to be re-configured to get their time explicitly from v5.1 or later Masters.
      6. v5.1 or later Clients have stricter requirements for assigning time servers using DHCP Time Server Options than do older versions, and may interpret existing DHCP settings differently. See the Discovery Options section of the Client's Obtain the Time page for details.
      7. v5.1 or later Clients only use the DT2 and/or NTP time protocols to obtain the time. v5.1 or later Servers provide obsolete protocols such as TIME/ITP, Daytime, etc. for compatibility with other devices, but newer Domain Time Clients cannot use them.
      8. Proxy support for obtaining time using the DT2 over HTTP protocol through firewalls has been deprecated as of v5.1. Any existing proxy connections on older versions will need to be converted to direct-to-IP-port connections after upgrade.
      9. v5.x or later Clients are only able to match an older Server's timezone if the Server is configured to "Recommend timings to clients that ask for guidelines" (found on the Client Timings page). v5.1 or later Servers will also need to enable the "Allow client's to match this server's timezone" checkbox on the Recommendations property page.
      10. As of v5.1, Audit Server requires both Domain Time II Server and Domain Time II Manager be installed on the local machine before installation/upgrade.
      11. As of v5.1, Windows Time Agent (WTA) is no longer installed automatically along with Server or client. WTA can be installed manually from the distribution files, if needed.
      12. As of v5.1, Manager cannot install Windows Time Agent (WTA), although it can monitor or remove it. WTA can be installed manually from the distribution files, if needed.
      13. If you are using SNMP Trap functions, be sure to extract the latest MIB file from Domain Time Server or Client Control Panel applet after the upgrade and update your Network Management System(s).

  • Upgrading from other time sync software
    You should not install two time sync programs on the same machine. The results of running two time services simultaneously are unpredictable, and usually not pretty. With the exception of Microsoft's Windows Time Service on Win2k or later (which Domain Time II handles automatically during installation), you must remove any other time management program before installing Domain Time. See the removal instructions provided by the manufacturer.

      Microsoft's Windows Time service
      Domain Time is much more accurate, reliable and easier to maintain than Windows Time, and also provides many additional important benefits without sacrificing any functions that Windows Time provides.

      If you do a fresh install Domain Time Server v5.1 or later on a machine running Windows Time, Domain Time will automatically disable the Windows Time service (since Server provides all necessary time services). A fresh install of Domain Time Client will also disable Windows Time, except on Domain Controllers and Cluster Servers, where Windows Time should be set to run in NoSync mode for compatibility reasons.

      If you are upgrading a machine running Domain Time, any existing Windows Time settings will not be changed. You should manually disable Windows Time on any Domain Time Servers after upgrade. See the Co-existing with the Windows Time Service page for more details.


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