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Domain Time II Monitor Service
Version 5.2


Use this page to view and manage the Monitor Service's scan history.

    Domain Time II Monitor - History tab
    Domain Time II Monitor - History tab   [Click for larger size]

    Available History Records
    Scan reports saved to disk are displayed in this window. Highlight a scan item in the list to see its Selected History Record summary on the right-hand panel. You may also double-click the list item (or click the View Details... link) to pull up that scan's detail report.

      The status indicator lamp on each list item shows the highest severity level found during that scan. Note that this indicator may show a problem even if a specific alert threshold was not crossed. For example, you would see a severity indicator of yellow if the Monitor Service wasn't able to contact its reference clock, even if all of the scanned machines were within the selected range of variance.

      The Selected History Record traffic lights on the right are a graphical representation of the alarm condition thresholds in place when the selected scan was run. If any machine exceeded the indicated threshold, the lights will indicate which alert was raised.

      The average and worst variances for each type of machine contacted during the scan are also displayed.

      Use the Delete Record link to remove the selected scan record.

      View Graphs...
      Clicking this link will bring up a graphical display summarized from all of your collected data. You must have collected at least two scans to be able to generate the graphs.

      Domain Time II Monitor - Sample Graph
      Domain Time II Monitor - Sample Graph   [Click for larger size]

      You can select from a wide variety of graph types that let you see at a glance how well your network is being synchronized. You can also adjust the scale of the graph to your desired level of accuracy.

      Domain Time II Monitor - Graph Types
      Domain Time II Monitor - Graph Types   [Click for larger size]


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