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Domain Time II Client
Version 5.2

This property page contains Domain Time Support information and utilities.

 Problem Report 

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    Include main log file and drift graph
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    Include most recent startup log file
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    Include registry settings

The Problem Report utility can compile a problem report to send to Domain Time technical support including important diagnostic information and log files which will greatly assist in troubleshooting any problems you may experience. You can either email it directly from the program or save the file to forward it manually later.

    You have the option of including various items and logs in the report in a compressed (zipped) file. In most cases, you should include all items to provide the most information possible.

    The utility will use the currently-selected default MIME email program on the machine where this utility is run to send the mail and compressed file attachment when you click the button.

    If you don't want to (or can't) send email directly from the machine in question, remotely connect to the problem machine from a machine that does have email capability You can connect remotely using Domain Time Manager, the Remote CPL utility, or from the Control Panel applet of another Domain Time Server or Client. Once you have the remote machine's Control Panel applet displayed, click the button. The utility will send the email from the email client on the local machine, but will automatically include the diagnostic and log files taken from the remotely-connected machine.

    If you'd prefer to save the report file to disk and forward it to Tech Support manually, click the button.


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