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Recommendations  Recommendations
Domain Time II Server
Version 5.2

These settings control which configuration recommendations this Domain Time II Server makes to Slaves and/or Clients that synchronize with it.

Note: The recommendations available depend upon the domain role of the server. Options not available for this server role will be greyed-out. See Domain Roles for more information on Master, Slave, and Independent Server roles.

If you see the Policy Applied Group Policy applied indicator in the lower-left corner of the applet, there are settings on this page that are being overridden by an Active Directory Group Policy. Settings controlled by policy may be greyed-out or you may be otherwise prevented from making a change here. See the Active Directory page for more information on using Group Policies.


 Client Recommendations 

Allow clients to match this server's timezone
Recommend timings and correction limits to clients that ask for guidelines

This section sets which recommendations are available to Domain Time II Clients that synchronize with this machine (or its Slaves) using the DT2 protocol.

    Note: The corresponding setting for the selected recommendation must also be enabled on the Client in order for the recommendation to be used. Think of these settings as permission for the Server to answer the settings question if a Client asks. You must also configure the Client to ask the Server for the setting before it can know the answer.

    Allow clients to match this server's timezone

    When this setting is checked, Clients that ask for this recommendation using the DT2 protocol will automatically set their local machine's timezone to match the timezone of the server. This will override any settings the user may make to their own Time & Date Control Panel.

    CAUTION: Be sure you understand the effects of this setting before you enable it. For example, assume you have a laptop user with this recommendation enabled in California who usually synchronizes with a Slave in Los Angeles. Each time it synchronizes, Domain Time ensures the laptop timezone matches the Slave which is set to the Pacific timezone.

    If the user travels to the New York office, the laptop would change to the Eastern timezone when it begins synchronizing with the Slave in the New York office. However, if the local Slave server becomes unavailable, it's possible that the laptop would fall back to synchronizing with the Master server in Chicago, and then the timezone on the machine would suddenly change to Central, which may not be your intent.

      This is the only recommendation available from an Independent Server.

    Recommend timings and correction limits to clients that ask for guidelines

    This checkbox enables the Master (and its Slaves) to pass along timings and correction limits to Clients that synchronize using the DT2 protocol. This option is only available on the Domain Time II Master Server.

      When these recommendations are active, you can set the overall accuracy of your entire domain from your Master Server by adjusting the recommended settings on the Client Timings and Client Correction Limits pages.


 Slave Recommendations 

Slaves should use master's security settings

This checkbox selects whether the Master's Security Settings are replicated to its Slaves.

    Slaves always use the timing settings set for them on the Master's Slave Timings page. Slaves also automatically replicate most of the Master's other settings to be able to take over should the Master become unavailable. These two functions are always enabled on a Slave.

    However, this checkbox allows you to set whether each of your Slaves will use their own individual Security Settings or if they will always use the Master's Security Settings. For example, it may be useful to have individual security if some of your Slaves will be in locations where you want to limit which machines can synchronize with them, but you'd like to have other Slaves accept connections from everyone.

    See the Security Settings page for details on these settings.


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