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Domain Time II
Version 5.2


Domain Time II components can be installed on individual machines using the Setup program detailed below. If you've purchased a Domain Time II package that includes Manager, the recommended procedure to easily install Domain Time on multiple machines is detailed on the Network Rollout page. You may also install some components using the command-line interface.

    Several Domain Time II components for Windows (Server, Client, Management Tools, Windows Time Agent, etc.) can be obtained ala carte, in which case they each come with their own installation package. If you need to install a component separately, click a link below to jump directly to its own installation instructions page:
    .  Server
    .  Client
    .  Manager (Management Tools)
    .  Audit Server
      .  Windows Time Agent
    .  LMCheck
    .  Software Development Kit (SDK)

    IMPORTANT: If you will be installing Domain Time II onto machines with AMD processors, we highly recommend you update your processor drivers (a.k.a. PowerNow!) to the current version for your operating system available from AMD's website to avoid known hardware timing issues. Please see this article from our knowledgebase for more info: KB2007.817.
    Distribution Files
    If you downloaded your Domain Time II distribution files, they came compressed as either a .ZIP or a self-extracting .EXE file. Make a new, blank folder on the machine on which you will be installing and copy the distribution file(s) to it. Note: Do not use a temp folder that has other files in it - they can cause conflicts with the file extraction or installation.

      Run the .EXE file (if that's what you downloaded) or use an unzip utility to extract the contents of the .ZIP file into this blank folder. Be sure to tell your unzip program to extract using the original folder names option so that files will be extracted into the correct folders.

      If you received Domain Time II on physical media (such as a CD), the files will already be in uncompressed format and you can run the Setup program directly from the media.

      To 32-bit or not 32-bit?
      Domain Time II programs come in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. The 32-bit files are found in the /i386 folder of the distribution; the 64-bit version are in the /amd64 folder. The Setup program located in the root folder of the distribution will detect and install the correct version for the machine on which you are installing.

        There are also setup programs located in both the /i386 and /AMD64 subfolders. Running those setup programs will run and install only on their own version (i.e. the /AMD64/SETUP.EXE program will only run on 64-bit systems). Although the 32-bit version of Domain Time programs may run on 64-bit systems, you should always install the 64-bit version on 64-bit systems (and vice versa).

    Using the Setup Program
    To start Setup, click on the
    SETUP.EXE program in root folder of the distribution files.

      The Domain Time II Setup Program
      The Domain Time II Setup Program   [Click for larger size]

      Installing Components
      Setup will allow you to install any Domain Time component included in your distribution files.

        If your distribution files include the Management Tools, install it first. You can then use Domain Time II Manager to install Domain Time II components to any other machines on your network (see the Network Rollout page for details.

      Upgrading Components
      Setup will also assist you in upgrading Domain Time II from previous versions. If you're running an earlier version of Domain Time, the setup program will offer to upgrade it for you.

        If you have Management Tools installed, upgrade it first. Then use Manager to upgrade other machines on your network (see the Network Rollout page for details.

      Removing Components
      Domain Time II components can also be removed using the Setup program. Run the Setup program, and if it finds Domain Time software is installed, you'll have the option to remove it.


    • As of Version 5.2.b.20150828, Setup includes the Auto-Manage Windows Firewall checkbox. When checked, components you install will have their automatic management of the Windows Firewall features enabled to allow access to the required time protocol and control ports. See Auto-Manage Windows Firewall Settings for detailed information.

    • Most Domain Time II components can be installed, upgraded, or removed from the command-line as well. See the Command-line Setup Options page for details.

    • To avoid required reboots or failed upgrades/removals, be sure all Domain Time programs, utilities, and control panels are closed before running Setup.

    • Setup.exe cannot remove the Management Tools if it is run from the \Program Files\Domain Time II directory. Copy the initial distribution files to a blank folder and run Setup from there.

    • If you use cloned OS images to install machines, please read this article from our knowledgebase about configuring Domain Time II properly for your clone image.


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