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Domain Time II Agent
Version 4.2

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    Configure the Microsoft Windows Time Service with this handy GUI applet instead of using command-line utilities or editing registry settings. See what's really happening with your Windows Time Service and the clock on your machine. Never use w32tm.exe again!

    Display clock drift graphs and keep extended logs so you can see how your clock is performing over time. Can be remotely installed and configured across your entire network using Domain Time II Manager! Even more powerful when used as an data collection agent for Domain Time II Audit Server.

    Note: This software is designed for Windows XP and later. Although it will run on Windows 2000, many of its functions and tab pages will be unavailable.

    Domain Time II Windows Time Agent
    Domain Time II Windows Time Agent   [Click for larger size]

    1. This program is fully-functional freeware. The Windows Time Control Panel applet is part of the Domain Time II suite of software, but works either with or without Domain Time II.

    2. Use the Windows Time Control Panel applet to configure the Windows Time service, then check the graphs and statistics to see how well synchronized your clock stays over time. If you find that Windows Time isn't keeping your clocks as accurate as you'd like, then Domain Time II's clients and servers can help.

    3. The Windows Time Agent integrates perfectly with Domain Time II management software to remotely install, manage, gather performance data, and generate alerts from all of the machines in your enterprise.

    4. On Windows XP and above, the Control Panel applet also functions as a monitor, giving you real-time alerts and statistics. It allows Domain Time II to monitor or audit the time on this machine without installing any Domain Time II timekeeping components.

    5. According to Microsoft, the Windows Time service is only designed to keep clocks "loosely synchronized" in a manner good enough for Kerberos authentication to work within a domain.

      If you are interested in keeping accurate time, use Domain Time II Servers and Clients

      1. This component does NOT increase the accuracy of the Windows Time service. It does not interfere with, enhance, replace, or otherwise affect the operation of the Windows Time service.

      2. This component does NOT take over managing the system clock.

      3. This component DOES give you a graphical interface exposing most of the common Windows Time options.

      4. This component DOES allow Domain Time II components to interrogate this machine's time synchronization status over the network (unless you disable the monitor portion of the program).


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