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Domain Time II Agent
Version 4.2

Agent Tab

The Agent tab page let you enable special data collection and reporting functions to report on the activity of the Windows Time service.

Note: This tab page is unavailable on Windows 2000.

    The collected information can be displayed on real-time clock drift graphs or gathered centrally by the Domain Time II Audit Server to create an audit trail of the time sync history of this machine.Domain Time II Audit Server can also monitor the sync status of the Windows Time service via the Windows Time Agent and raise administrative alarms if the time is not synchronized.

    Read more about Domain Time II Audit Server.

    Windows Time Agent: Agent tab
    Windows Time Agent: Agent tab   [Click for larger size]

    The Agent Options section lets you configure the reference clock and logging options of the Windows Time Agent.

      Enable the Windows Time Agent
      Enables or disables the Agent data collection and reporting functions.If disabled, no logging or drift-clock graphing is possible, and the Agent will not respond to Audit Server audit queries.

        Reference NTP Server:
        Use this field to specify an NTP server to use as the reference clock for variance calculations.The Agent will compare other time sources and the local clock to this server.If the field is left blank, the Agent will use the last NTP time source used by the Windows Time client as the reference clock.

        Check Interval: minutes
        The Agent will check the sync status of the service at the frequency set in this field.Data points will be added to the drift graphs according to the same schedule.

        Log a warning in Event Viewer if unable to verify the time
        Logs sync errors in the Windows Application Event Log.

        Log a warning in Event Viewer if verified time is off by seconds
        Logs errors in the Windows Application Event Log when the clock drifts outside this range.

    The History section displays a list of the most-recently-used time servers with which the Windows Time service synchronized.


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