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Domain Time II
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Version 5.1 Changelog
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BuildRelease Type
5.1.b.20100731Optional Upgrade
5.1.b.20100604Optional Upgrade
5.1.b.20100331Optional Upgrade
5.1.b.20100114Optional upgrade
5.1.b.20100105Optional upgrade
5.1.b.20091215Optional upgrade
5.1.b.20091201First public release - (mandatory upgrade for beta-testers and pre-release users)
5.1.b.20091111Pre-release of Version 5.1 (partners and beta-testers only)


Version 5.1 Changelog

5.1.b.20100731 - Optional Upgrade

Changes to Monitor and Manager only. Upgrade if you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned below.

  • Manager
    • The format string for Audit Server's daily report was not being saved if it exceeded 255 characters in length. The length limit is actually 1024 characters. The GUI has been upgraded to accept and save the correct length.
    • Remote upgrade of Client or Server on some machines could occasionally fail if WMI (wmiprvse.exe) was holding the executable open. Manager now detects this condition and stops/restarts WMI during remote upgrades.
  • Monitor
    • Added checkbox to control panel applet to allow choice of whether email alerts should be tagged as high-priority. Prior to this change, all email alerts were always marked high-priority.

5.1.b.20100604 - Optional Upgrade

Several small bug fixes and enhancements. Upgrade if you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned below.

  • Setup
    • Client-only and server-only distribution zips indicated management tools could be installed. Installation failed if attempted because the tools were not present. Setup now only offers tools if present in the distribution.
  • Manager
    • Removing Manager now also removes Monitor
    • Removed superfluous comma in Add/Remove Programs uninstall information
    • Settings pushed out using Reset Config now take effect immediately instead of after the next sync
  • Client & Server
    • Added resolved IP addresses to log output when time sources are specified by name
    • Added extra registry permissions check to CPL when invoked by Manager against a remote machine to give more sensible error message when access is denied
  • Audit Server
    • Fixed access violation in pre-audit sync report (only affected x86 versions)
    • Fixed report error that occasionally overstated the number of non-responders after an audit
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added check for possible invalid return from Microsoft Security API call to DTLockDn on some editions of Windows 7 (precautionary change only)
    • Added icons for Alt-Tab display and for 32x32 in task bar (only affected Monitor's CPL in the taskbar)

5.1.b.20100331 - Optional Upgrade

Minor new features, minor bug fixes, OEM changes, one new program, enhanced support for non-compliant NTP servers. Upgrade in order to use the new features, or if you are experiencing any of the problems.

  • Client & Server
    • Fixed problem on control panel applet with list of sources going missing if saved twice (apply then close or apply then change page)
    • Changed initial focus on log viewer window; made relaunch do a restore if viewer was minimized instead of closed
    • Changed minimum broadcast/multicast interval range to allow every 3 seconds (lower limit was 15 seconds)
    • Used ws2_32 header workaround for missing getaddrinfo (allows "not supported" on Win2000 instead of DLL failure)
    • Added more debug information to client discovery process
    • Added rebind process in case port 9909 tcp or udp can't bind on rapid restart of service
    • Added hypervisor and 2k8 guest detection on Windows 2008r2
    • Reworked interphase algorithms to increase range of corrections available
    • Added KNIGHT vs KNAVE detection and messages (debug info only)
    • Reworked DT2 transaction handler to prevent IPv6 host not found error after IPv4 failure
    • Corrected bug that prevented incoming signed DT2 broadcast/multicast from being recognized as signed
  • Manager and Audit Server
    • Zeroed ntp request packet's unused bits for Solaris compatibility
    • Added IP addresses to regular log file lines
    • Added additional ntp packet debug-only output
    • Added code to detect non-compliant and/or clock-not-set ntp servers so the alert status is preserved in audit summary
    • Added command prompt to the Utilities menu on Manager (opens in the Manager folder for easier access to Manager's command-line utilities)
    • Added workaround for MS update to CoInitializeEx that prevented some browse-for-folder operations and hyperlink clicks to fail (this is the only difference between 5.1.b.20100330 and 5.1.b.20100331)
  • DT Lockdown (dtlockdn.exe)
    • Added new program, DT Lockdown, to control service object security, executable security, and auditing.
    • DT Lockdown is an advanced command-line administrative tool. Please see documentation before using.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed internal version marking on Client (was "DTServer" intead of "DTClient") - only present for MS reports or properties view; not used by our programs
    • Removed unused dtlogo.jpg from resources of Client
    • Fixed typo in log message - "event" spelled "evnet"
    • Added support to control panel applet for running while locked down with read-only permissions

5.1.b.20100330 - See above

One fix added to the 5.1.b.20100330 release; renumbered as 5.1.b.20100331 (see above).

5.1.b.20100114 - Optional upgrade

Additional minor bug-fixes and enhancements (Manager); fixed compatibility problem with Pentium II/III processors (all items). Upgrade in order to use the new features, or if you are experiencing any of the problems.

  • All components
    • Recompiled to remove dependency on SSE2. This change only affects machines with older x86 processors (primarily Pentium II or Pentium III, or older AMD processors, but specifically any Intel or AMD processor without full support for SSE2 SIMD extensions). On these processors, Domain Time components would either not run at all, or run but immediately give an exception and terminate. The clock timing algorithm was dependent on floating point support provided by SSE2. To accomodate older processors as well as modern ones, we moved the calculations to x87 FPU. Users with modern CPUs should see no difference in behavior, while users with older CPUs should see the programs working as intended. File sizes are slightly increased for x86 versions.
  • DTAlert
    • Fixed problem with clock window sometimes disappearing on startup
  • Manager
    • Fixed problem with template choice (for server installations/upgrades) not recognizing reversion to defaults
    • Made background image (watermark) visibility optional
    • Made left-hand pane sizeable (added gripper to move the split between right and left sides).
    • Added tag on status bar when showing synchronization status
    • Aligned status bar center section to move with sizeable pane
    • Persisted pane size
    • Fixed typo that said "1 networks" when only one network was detected (removed the "s")
  • Client & Server
    • Fixed problem with fresh installs using defaults instead of template settings for timings
  • DTClean
    • Taught how to stop Manager and DTAlert if running, so they can be removed without reboot
    • Added missing registry keys in list of keys to remove during cleanup
  • Audit Server
    • Changed default for Real-Time Alert listener to enabled

5.1.b.20100105 - Optional upgrade

Minor bug-fixes to Manager; minor enhancements throughout. Upgrade in order to use the new features, or if you are experiencing any of the minor bugs.

  • Server will no longer report 169.254.x.x IPv4 addresses in response to discovery requests
  • Client and Server will now recognize 169.254.x.x IPv4 addresses as "self" and not use them as time sources
  • Fixed command buffer truncation in DTCheck's discover command (truncation produced chopped-off IP address display)
  • Client auto-discovery now uses address from which discovery response came in addition to server's claimed address (to account for multiple routes)
  • Multiple cosmetic changes to DTAlert
  • Added DTAlert to DTTray menu options
  • Grouped DTTray menu options by category to make finding things easier
  • Added ability to download chime packs directly from DTTray
  • Removed Audit Server and Update Server from DTTray (in 5.1, these options launch Manager instead of separate control panel applets)
  • Manager license report refresh now performs a Verify to update licensing information
  • Fixed bug in 20091215 where closing the DTMonitor CPL would also close Manager
  • Fixed bug with Manager's custom templates not being applied to remote machines until after manual sync trigger
  • Fixed bug with Manager's custom templates occasionally not being found even when present
  • Fixed misspelling in registry parameter name on Manager ("soune warning" changed to "sound warning")

5.1.b.20091215 - Optional upgrade

This release includes some minor bug-fixes, but is composed mostly of enhancements and features that didn't make it into the first public release by the deadline. Upgrade in order to use the new features, or if you are experiencing any of the minor bugs.

  • Added DTAlert (Real-time Alert Viewer) program. DTAlert is an extension for Audit Server and Manager, allowing Manager's real-time alert display to be echoed to other machines. DTAlert can gather data from multiple Audit Servers and let you see your entire network's status alert status at a glance. DTAlert is a stand-alone program that requires only TCP connectivity to your Audit Server machines.
  • Added support for sending real-time alerts from individual machines to Audit Server via UDP as well as TCP.
  • Added "All Computers" view to Manager as an alternative to showing each computer within its domain hierarchy.
  • Audit Server can now optionally double-check (requery) machines that provide anomalous variance data during the scan phase. Scanning is inherently less precise than direct query, and by double-checking unexpected values, Audit Server can help eliminate false alerts and ensure the overall data collected is as accurate as possible.
  • Added optional sounds to Manager's display of real-time alerts.
  • Added ability for Manager to configure real-time alert reporting on individual machines or groups of machines.
  • Added expiration dates, registered status, and installation dates of various tools to Manager's license report. Because this information is only accessible by connecting to a remote machine, the information is updated only when Manager installs or upgrades the machine, or when Manager opens the machine's control panel. The information is not updated during Manager's verify function or during normal scans of the network.
  • Added automatic detection and correction of failures when the Remote Registry service is enabled but not running. If RPC control is available, admin permissions are verified, and the machine is otherwise reachable, Manager will now start the Remote Registry service (as long as it isn't disabled) and retry failing operations.
  • Fixed problem where Manager or other tools did not show up in license report after fresh install.
  • Fixed problem where removal of Manager did not clean up associated registry keys.
  • Fixed problem in Audit Server where alert emails for real-time alerts could be sent even if email alerts were disabled.
  • Fixed problem with Windows authentication on Windows 7 and 2008-R2 machines validating against a domain controller. Microsoft added a new DLL (logoncli.dll) to these operating systems, and moved some functions into this DLL from their traditional place in netapi32.dll, resulting in the inability of Client to authenticate requests if automatic discovery and negotiation was enabled.
  • Fixed problem where some menu items in Manager were unavailable (grayed out) incorrectly. This problem only appeared if Audit Server was not installed.
  • Added support to the patch programs for Manager's cross-platform files. The original patch programs only updated files in the same moiety, which meant the new Manager could be fully upgraded only by running its setup program.
  • Fixed problem with unnecessary registry values being created by several of Manager's tools. Only values which are actually needed are now created.

5.1.b.20091201 - First public release - (mandatory upgrade for beta-testers and pre-release users)

  • Removed requirement for Audit Server and Update Server to run as administrative users
  • Integrated Update Server into Manager
  • Finalized message format for real-time alerts (note: incompatible with beta versions)
  • Added test and auto-configure to real-time alerts
  • Added import/export of time sources on the main CPL
  • Added binary backup/restore to the import/export page of the main CPL
  • Added sample templates and additional help for templates
  • Changed evaluation period calculation to round up to the next whole day
  • Reworked several dialogs for clarity
  • A proper setup program is now included with all distributions
  • Added new manifest to setup program for Windows 7 compatibility
  • Updated dtclean to account for new/changed filenames

5.1.b.20091111 - Pre-release of Version 5.1 (partners and beta-testers only)

Version 5.1 represents a complete rewrite of all components, bringing together all existing enhancements, OEM features, customer requests, and new technology.

  • Full IPv6 support
  • Support for Windows XP, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, and Window 7, both x86 and x64
  • Manager can now install, upgrade, or control x86 or x64 computers, regardless of its own bittedness
  • Update Server can now now install or upgrade x86 or x64 computers, regardless of its own bittedness
  • Added IPv4 and IPv6 multicast support
  • Added SNMP reporting to individual clients or servers, and to Audit Server
  • Added syslog reporting to individual clients or servers
  • Control of Audit Server is now integrated directly into Manager
  • Remove dependency on MS Networking browse list; Active Directory enumeration uses LDAP
  • Full symmetric key authentication support for NTP or DT2
  • Server can provide Windows-authenticated NTP timestamps for computers running Windows Time in the NT5DS mode
  • Increased reporting and timesetting abilities to sub-milliseconds
  • Remove limit on number of servers
  • Added ability to sample each server multiple times
  • Significantly improved statistical analysis when choosing time servers
  • Added support for Windows Group Policies
  • Made DCHP server discovery more useful by repurposing option 004 to search for DT2 servers only
  • Added anticipatory leap second scheduling
  • Significantly improved phase adjustment detection and correction
  • Added interphase adjustments (to handle when the system's optimal clock rate falls between integral phase adjustments)
  • Significantly improved performance on VMs and Hyper-V
  • Increased customer control over slewing and stepping options
  • Complete revamp of all user interfaces
  • Added import/export of settings to control panel applet
  • Added high-precision API so third-party programs can benefit from Domain Time's interpolated time-of-day (see SDK documentation)
  • Added real-time reporting to Audit Server from clients or servers, with a real-time display in Manager


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