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Domain Time II
Version 2.x


Version 2.5 Changelog

  • 2.5.b.20030513 - Optional upgrade.
    Changed dtcheck's "Set Slew:Limit" scale to milliseconds instead of seconds. Changed thin client to remember slew limits between boots. No other changes.

  • 2.5.b.20030509 - Optional upgrade.
    Added OEM-only customizations.

  • 2.5.b.20030508 - Recommended upgrade.
    Added full event viewer logging to thin client, full client, and server. You may now choose to record events in the event viewer, the log file, both, or neither (event viewer not available on Win9x machines). Corrected minor internal bug in full client that prevented manager from retrieving statistics from full client running on the same machine as manager. Added DoS protection to thin client. Added splash screen to eval version of thin client (not the registered version). Made splash screens fade in and out on XP and above. Created unique event viewer message numbers for (a) successful time set event, (b) unsuccessful time set event, (c) startup and debug messages, and (d) time protocol errors. All other events continue to use generic message numbers.

  • 2.5.b.20030303 - Optional upgrade; no change to functionality.
    Updated internal graphics to reflect the new look for Domain Time II, and added XP theme support for all modules. Corrected misspellings in internal error messages, and realigned some dialog box items.

  • 2.5.b.20030212 - Optional upgrade.
    Added TCP version of Domain Time II protocol to Server, Full Client, and DTSet (control and discovery information is only handled by UDP at this time, but the time information may be obtained via either UDP or TCP). Added check-for-upgrade option to the system tray icon (may be disabled in the registry, and the default setting may be changed in domtime.ini prior to installation). Updated splash screens. Fixed a number of minor bugs. Added OEM-only features. Added ability to Full Client to set its timezone to match the server (default is off). Minor internal changes.

  • 2.5.b.20020710 - Recommended upgrade if you have version 20020606 installed.
    A typo in the 2.5.b.20020606 release could cause, in some circumstances, time retrieved via a proxy server to be rejected even though it is correct. No other changes. Upgrade only if you use 20020606 and experience this problem.

  • 2.5.b.20020606 - Optional upgrade.
    Enhanced context menu (right-click) items in Domain Time Manager, rephrased wording in several Manager prompts, eliminated false warning message in Domain Time Server log when the LanmanServer service really was installed, (the warning sometimes appeared when it shouldn't, but did not affect operation), and fixed an obscure bug that could prevent Full and Thin Clients from acknowledging a cascade trigger when the master server's time is rapidly changed by hand for testing purposes.

  • 2.5.b.20020521 - Optional upgrade.
    Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

    1. Fixed bug in Manager that could cause duplicate entries on the Network Scan tab if the advanced option ICMP Retries was set higher than 1.

    2. Removed internal file compression in distribution files for Windows 2003 compatibility.

    3. Removed LanmanServer dependency for Domain Time Server. Server will now install and run even if the LanmanServer service (called Server Service in NT3 and NT4, called File and Print Sharing in XP/2K/2003) is not present or not started. Domain Time Server will write a warning message to the log file and event log. Domain hierarchy functions (cascades, discovery of servers and slaves) and remote control functions may not work correctly without the LanmanServer service.

    4. Added registry setting to allow control of when Full Client, Thin Client, and Server override the Max Disparity settings. See Knowledgebase article KB2002.522 for details.

  • 2.5.b.20020515 - Optional upgrade.
    Fixed bug in domtime.ini (installation defaults) parser that could cause comments to be appended to network addresses in the broadcast addresses REG_MULTI_SZ value. This bug did not affect program operation (invalid entries are ignored), but the comments could be visible when the broadcast addresses were viewed or edited using Domain Time II Manager and possibly confuse administrators who were expecting to see only network addresses.

  • 2.5.b.20020504 - Optional upgrade.
    OEM changes and graphics alignment changes to accommodate machines using a non-standard screen DPI setting. Some buttons resized and text centered in control panel applets. No changes in functionality.

  • 2.5.b.20020422 Recommended upgrade for anyone using FreeBSD, Linux, or Solaris.
    (UNIX/Linux versions only) Updated copyright notices, fixed minor display bug (typo in log output), and added registration code.

  • 2.5.b.20020401 - Recommended upgrade.
    Fixed problem with Domain Time II Client or Server icons not showing up in control panel; fixed problem with applying domtime.ini files during remote install of Thin Client.

  • 2.5.b.20020125 - Internal OEM changes only. Optional upgrade.

  • 2.5.b.20020115 - Optional upgrade.
    Fixed bug in Full Client and Server control panel applets that could prevent success interval changes (using slider control) from saving if that was the only change made. Also updated copyright notices for 2002. No other changes.

  • 2.5.b.20011120 - Optional upgrade.
    Fixed bug in installation sequence that prevented the Windows Time service from being restarted correctly. Domain Time changes the Windows Time mode to NoSync during installation and sets it back upon removal. In order for the change to take effect, however, Domain Time must stop and restart the Windows Time service. Certain recent versions of Domain Time failed to restart the Windows Time service after stopping it. The service was not otherwise affected, and would start normally (in NoSync mode) the next time the computer was rebooted. However, Windows 2000 Cluster Server requires the Windows Time service to be running (regardless of the mode), and is seldom rebooted. This release corrects the problem that prevented the restart of the Windows Time service.

  • 2.5.b.20010924 - Evaluation (trial) version changes only:
    Both Client and Server now stop working after the evaluation period has expired. We regret this necessity. Unfortunately, the honor system no longer works well enough for us to continue distributing versions that don't expire.

  • 2.5.b.20010918 - Optional upgrade.
    Enhanced log messages for Domain Time over HTTP server: The log now differentiates between valid time requests and hacker/worm connections. In addition, the Domain Time HTTP server now terminates connections from hackers or worms without returning any data at all. Domain Time has always been secure from all known hacker/work attacks, but now the logs lets you see if a "script kiddie" or worm is trying to connect to your server.

  • 2.5.b.20010913 - Recommended upgrade for those using the Thin Client on NT/2000/XP.
    Fixed packaging error that could cause dtthin.exe to extract with a corrupted resource section, leading, in some cases, to problems reading messages from the Thin Client in the NT/2000/XP event viewer. No other changes.

  • 2.5.b.20010903 - Optional upgrade.
    Added duplicate serial number detection and reset function to Batch Operations tab in Manager. No other changes.

  • 2.5.b.20010818 - Optional upgrade.
    Corrected text in startup and install confirmation messages. No functional changes.

  • 2.5.b.20010817 - Optional upgrade.
    Several changes to Manager: Added OEM features; fixed bug that could cause a GPF when saving the license report to a text file; moved the Remove All function to the Batch page; added an Configuration Update function to the Batch page; added right-click support to the Browse page; added intelligent F1 help to the Details page; added broadcast addresses support to the domtime.ini file. Clients and Server updated to be able to read the broadcastaddresses field in domtime.ini, but no other changes. No changes to other components.

  • 2.5.b.20010809 - Optional upgrade.
    Added OEM features. No changes to standard distributions except file versions numbers and dates.

  • 2.5.b.20010806 - Optional upgrade.
    Solved problem with install or upgrade on Win95 (this problem did not affect Win98/ME/NT4/2000/XP) that could lead to "Setup did not complete successfully" message when installing locally, or general failure when installing remotely using Manager. Upgrade needed only if you are using version 2.5.b.20010729 or later and encounter problems with Win95.

  • 2.5.b.20010804 - Optional upgrade.
    Fixed bug in Server that prevented synchronization on a fixed schedule (i.e., when targeting is disabled). Fixed bug in distribution compression technique that could lead to Dr. Watson errors when using Event Viewer to read Domain Time service records. Upgrade needed only if you are encountering either of these particular problems.

  • 2.5.b.20010729 - Recommended upgrade.
    Fixed two bugs in Full Client's control panel applet: (a) the log file did not always display properly on Win9x machines if over 128KB in size; and (b) the proxy server information was not always retained on Win9x machines. Significantly reduced running memory footprint for System Tray Icon, Server, and Full Client during idle time by including "garbage" cleanup after every sync or query. Added UPX compression to distribution files, reducing size by approximately 50%. Added code to allow Server, Thin Client, and Full Client to start the System Tray Icon in the security context of the logged-on user after upgrade or service start/stop on Windows (when possible).

  • 2.5.b.20010726 - Optional upgrade.
    Updated license.txt wording, added import list to Manager (write to techsupport if you need this feature), no other changes.

  • 2.5.b.20010723 - Optional upgrade.
    Fixed minor internal bugs, added support in domtime.ini file for log retention and log rolling settings.

  • 2.5.b.20010712 - Optional upgrade.
    Added font support for proper display of tabbed dialog boxes on machines running Japanese Windows. Upgrade needed only if you are running a non-English version of Windows and are having trouble with the display.

  • 2.5.b.20010704 - Recommended upgrade.
    Version 2.5 released.

    Version 2.5 is a significant upgrade to all Domain Time II components, introducing several important new features and incorporating a major new look. Among the hundreds of changes and enhancements are:

    • All Control Panel applets completely rewritten, using tabbed dialogs, a common look, common wording, more logical grouping of options, tooltip help, F1 links to online help, and addition of new options.

    • Setup completely rewritten to offer both wizard and expert modes, guided upgrade options, easy switching between clients, automatic upgrading of management tools, tooltip help, and F1 links to online help.

    • Domain Time II Manager completely rewritten. Significantly enhanced speed and flexibility, including integration with other management tools, internal caching, new features, new utilities, and a brand-new look using tabbed dialogs, a more logical grouping of functions, tooltip help, and F1 links to online help.

      • Integrated DTTest (formerly distributed only upon request)
      • Added install/remove/configure of Monitor Service and Update Server to Advanced Settings page.
      • Integrated other tools (DTProbe, LMCheck) on the Advanced Settings page.
      • Added Remove All option for removing all Domain Time products from a network
      • Added control over ICMP and UDP retries
      • Added additional timeout options
      • Added control of chimes to Options dialog for remote machines
      • All report data cached, allowing return to a report without refreshing the display

    • Introduced Domain Time II Update Server

    • Added time server surveying and averaging to Server and Client.

    • Improved Windows 2000 W32Time compatibility, including automatic support for Cluster Server requirements.

    • Server and Full Client logging options enhanced to allow either rollover or retention.

    • Added the ability to respond to NTP broadcasts to Full Client

    • Server can now recommend timings to clients, allowing system-wide target accuracy changes

    • Server and Client can restart service dynamically when needed

    • Server and Client now have dialogs for entering proxy information, eliminating need to understand proxy authentication, port, and SOCKS specification syntax

    • Added Activity Monitor to system tray icon

    • Added chimes to Thin Client

    • Added option for chimes to always use PC speaker instead of sound card (if available)

    • Added control of chimes to the system tray icon

    • Product Documentation extensively revised and expanded


Version 2.4 Changelog

  • 2.4.b.20010420 - optional upgrade.
    Added code to DTManager to help it view mixed networks (Microsoft networking plus Novell, or other) more accurately.

  • 2.4.b.20010405 - optional upgrade.
    Added fix for remote registry access error when remotely controlling from a Windows 2000 machine. Also added support for running the control panel applets from a virtual session on Terminal Server.

  • 2.4.b.20010403 - optional upgrade.
    Increased accuracy of variance calculations by the Full and Thin Clients by ensuring that both process and thread priorities are at "real time" levels during the calculations. Formerly, only Server did this consistently, and the Full Client did it only for the Domain Time II protocol. Also added a work-around for a Microsoft C runtime oddity that could produce a local time display that did not account for daylight savings time in all cases. This problem only manifested in the displays produced by DTCheck, DTManager, and the system tray icon, and only for certain timezones. This problem did NOT affect getting or setting the time -- only the local time display option.

  • 2.4.b.20010307 - internal changes only. Upgrade optional.

  • 2.4.b.20010306 - optional upgrade.
    Fixed misspelling on DTMonitor's control panel applet advanced page; improved DTManager's variance report display on Win2000; fixed bug that prevented the system tray icon client statistics page from showing changed timezone immediately; added /variance command-line switch to DTManager to make it go directly to the variance report on startup. Added continue on error to DTManager's batch processing.

  • 2.4.b.20010223 - recommended upgrade.
    Fixed two bugs induced by the last version -- DT Server's Control Panel applet did not retain the Use Specified Port setting for the Domain Time over HTTP protocol, and the workaround for non-existent APC timers under Win95 did not work with every version of Win95 (Win98, NT, and 2000 were not affected by this problem). Also enhanced the DT Manager remote Control Panel applet emulators to gray-out features not present on remote machines. Tightened the Thin Client's accuracy-seeking method to yield better results when the average variance is less than 50 milliseconds. Fixed minor display error on NTPCheck. Other small internal changes. (Note: This version was originally released as 2.4.b.20010222 in error. The version number was corrected to 2.4.b.20010223.)

  • 2.4.b.20010210 - recommended upgrade.
    Several minor bug fixes in Domain Time II Manager, new features added to Domain Time II Monitor. Improved slewing accuracy by using APC timer on both server and client. Extended max backward slew capability (set in registry) to one hour, although we still recommend not changing this setting. New splash screens. Improved balloon help on dialogs. Other minor internal changes. Added foreign slave option to server.

  • 2.4.b.20010130 - minor changes.
    Fixed display bug in Domain Time II Manager variance report screen. Color legend (visible only when sorting by variance) had "within 25 ms" instead of "within 55 ms" for the black range. Times reported were correct; only the legend and color was wrong. Also added registry entries to allow end-users to set the limits for the color ranges to something other than the defaults if desired. Upgrade optional.

  • 2.4.b.20010126 - minor changes.
    Added HTML email capability to Domain Time II Monitor. Restored previous minimum setting for the Full Client check interval to 1 minute. Monitor now has an interface in its control panel applet for setting broadcast addresses, and can share settings with Manager. Monitor now provides individual event log entries for every machine that exceeds the tolerance you specify (in addition to the summary report it has always provided). Upgrade optional.

  • 2.4.b.20010122 - thin client changes only.
    Removed beeps when clock-change monitor signals a resync; corrected system tray icon problem in signaling thin client to resync on demand. Upgrade optional.

  • 2.4.b.20010119 - version 2.4 released. Recommended upgrade.
    • Increased accuracy of Domain Time II protocol's variance calculation
    • Increased accuracy of LAN/WAN latency calculations (affects all protocols)
    • Improved clock-change monitor to detect changes made from 16-bit and non-compliant programs
    • Variances maintained in hectonanoseconds internally, converted to milliseconds immediately before setting the clock
    • Added clock granularity detection, so time is set immediately after millisecond rollover
    • Reduced master-slave network traffic by adding new message that combines parms, security, and version information into one transaction
    • Master security settings now (optionally) replicated to slaves
    • Full clients may choose to ignore advisory or cascade signals
    • Added optional chime sound to Server and Full Client when time is set
    • Improved machine list detection in Domain Time II Manager
    • Added tooltips to Domain Time II Manager
    • Added color text to Domain Time II Manager's variance report
    • Added "Sync All Now" button to Domain Time II Manager
    • Added machine type, machine NetBIOS name, serial number, and install date to Domain Time II Manager details screen
    • Domain Time II Manager batch function now installs/upgrades servers in PDC->BDC->Server->Client order
    • Domain Time II Manager batch function pauses after installing/upgrading PDC to allow config before continuing
    • Increased accuracy of Domain Time II Monitor's variance calculation routines
    • Added support for multiple SMTP servers (separate by commas) in Domain Time II Monitor's email configuration
    • Added -vq (very quiet) switch to command-line setups programs. If -vq is specified, setup will not pop up dialogs or warnings even if an error occurs
    • Exposed Max Slew Correction (REG_DWORD) registry setting. This setting controls how many seconds Domain Time II will attempt to correct the time by slewing instead of just changing the clock backward. The default value is 30.
    • Added optional NTP broadcast sending for interoperation with third-party clients
    • Added optional NTP broadcast reception


Version 2.3 Changelog

  • 2.3.b.20001218 - internal changes. Upgrade optional.

  • 2.3.b.20001213 - replaced prompt text in several dialogs to increase clarity of instructions. No other changes. Upgrade optional.

  • 2.3.b.20001206 - fixed error in Thin Client setup using SystemTrayIcon value in domtime.ini file. The Thin Client did not honor the option upon first installation if the option were set to FALSE (i.e., setup behaved as if this option were always TRUE). This change only affects the Thin Client, and only during installation. No changes to other components.

  • 2.3.b.20001128 - fixed display error in Domain Time Manager properties page that showed the wrong time zone name for Domain Time Manager. Times displayed were correct, and client timezone names were correct. Also added check for TCB ("Act as part of the operating system") privilege as an additional method of determining whether the logged-on user has administrative privileges.

  • 2.3.b.20001101 - added "Open with Notepad" button to log display dialog; optimized and documented internal discovery procedures (see Discovery Process for details)

  • 2.3.b.20001030 - removed workstation dependency; increased log-viewer file size; improved system tray icon's detection of time-not-set conditions. Also, when upgrading management tools, the new domtime.ini file is merged with your existing file instead of replacing it. This preserves your customizations while also adding any new parameters.

  • 2.3.b.20001006 - added DTDialup utility and added support for n-way trusts to Domain Time II Manager.

  • 2.3.b.20001002 - first release of 2.3.

Changes in Version 2.3 -- All Components
Since version 2.2, we have examined each component of Domain Time II, incorporating customer suggestions, adding features that were delayed by production schedules, and streamlining the operation based on extensive network monitoring and analysis.

  • Support for non-Microsoft DHCP servers.
  • Times shown in reports are marked UTC or local (removed ambiguity).
  • Added optional system-tray icon.
  • Removed ambiguity from wording of certain log messages.
  • Added unique serial number, set upon installation/upgrade.
  • Added auditing support (for use with forthcoming Audit Server).
  • The Sync Now button no longer dismisses the Control Panel applet.
  • Replaced C-Runtime function time() to eliminate a bug that manifests when the timezone changes but the machine is not rebooted.
  • Logfile viewer in Control Panel applets no longer uses notepad; instead it has an auto-refreshing window on the last 32K of the log file.

Changes in Version 2.3 -- Domain Time II Server

  • Slaves check with the master multiple times and average the results when setting their own clocks. This behavior helps prevent propagation of clock jitter (small back-and-forth changes due to system clock granularity rather than real time changes). This behavior is controlled by the new registry setting:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Greyware \ Domain Time Server \ Parameters

    Redundancy Checks: REG_DWORD
    Default value: 0
    Allowed values: 0 - 10

    If Redundancy Checks is set to zero (the default), then slaves will check three times with the master and average the results. Other servers will check with their sources only once.

    If Redundancy Checks is set to 1 through 10 on any type of server, the server will check that many times with its source, averaging the results.

    Warning! Do not set your master server or independent server to use multiple checks if your source is a public time server! This will result in excessive network traffic for the public time server, and will almost certain violate the terms of use for that server. Use Redundancy Checks only between masters and slaves, or when obtaining the time from your own GPS or atomic clock.

Changes in Version 2.3 -- Domain Time II Clients

  • Reduced network traffic by utilizing progressive discovery techniques. Previous versions would collect information about all known servers and DHCP options before trying any of them. The current version queries only as necessary. Overall network traffic reduced by 33-66 percent on most networks.
  • Triggers from slaves or independent servers cause the client to first attempt to get the time from the last-known-good server. Previous versions would cause the client to get the time from the machine sending the trigger, causing client machines to switch from server to server throughout the day. Now clients only change servers (and perform the discovery broadcasts to locate a server) if the last-known-good server is unavailable.
  • Clients will ignore broadcast triggers received within five seconds of the last trigger to cause a time set. This prevents clients from resynchronizing to each slave (or resynchronizing with the last-known-good server) when a domain-wide sync happens (i.e., master changes, then each slave changes).
  • Clients will ignore limits (minimum change and maximum change) on startup and when receiving a directed synchronization request. Directed synchronization requests are generated by the Control Panel applet (Full Client only), the command-line took DTCHECK, the system tray icon, or Domain Time II Manager. Synchronization requests that come from broadcast triggers, or regularly scheduled synchronization requests, honor the min-max limits. This allows an administrator or end-user to re-sync a machine that is badly off-time without first changing the limits and then changing them back.
  • Added a checkbox to the Full Client's Control Panel applet to determine if, when not using automatic mode, the client should query the local subnet for servers if all listed servers fail. Previous versions of the Full Client always fell back to broadcast discovery; now, this capability must be explicitly enabled.

Changes in Version 2.3 -- Domain Time II Manager
There are several major improvements to Domain Time II Manager. Most notable is the ability to control Win95/Win98/ME workstations and change timezone settings remotely.

  • Supports remote install/upgrade/removal/control for Win95/Win98/ME machines. Win9x machines must be configured for remote control first.
  • Supports remote reading/setting of Timezones. This capability is enabled by default, but may be turned off through a registry setting Allow Remote Timezone change on the Client or Server. This function requires the remote machine to be running Domain Time 2.3.
  • Uses pings to determine availability of remote machine rather than wait for RPC timeout. (RPC timeouts can take up to 2 minutes and cannot be adjusted.)
  • Variance report will use current machine as standard if no master or slave can be located. In addition the REG_SZ value Reference NTP Clock may be entered in the registry. This value defaults to blank. If set to a machine name or IP address, the Variance report will use the designated NTP server as the reference clock.
  • All reports show time in UTC unless specifically noted otherwise. Previous versions would report a remote machine's data according to the local timezone of the machine running Domain Time II Manager.
  • Added active link to Microsemi's home page to front of dialog box.
  • Added registry value Send Advisories (default TRUE) to allow disabling of server advisory broadcasts. Advisories have been present since version 2.1, but are only used by diagnostic tools and monitoring software. Advisories may be disabled without changing Domain Time's current functionality.
  • License Scan will upgrade/install Win9x machines when possible, or continue recommending action when not (i.e. permission denied or required components not installed on remote machine).


Version 2.2 Changelog

  • 2.2.b.20000819 - added code to handle non-Microsoft DHCP servers.

  • 2.2.b.20000711 - increased number of servers from two to four for Client; exposed TIME/ITP offset value in registry for Server; added automatic decompression and cleanup of temporary files for Setup. No other components affected.

  • 2.2.b.20000615 - added code to handle invalid responses from the PDC while enumerating trusted domains. This is an optional upgrade. Upgrade only if you see invalid domain names in Domain Time II Manager or LMCheck. No other components affected.

  • 2.2.b.20000602 - added code to prevent clock-change monitor routine from believing that a test-mode check was actually a time correction. The previous behavior could cause a brief loop (checking the time over and over) when test mode was enabled. This is an optional upgrade. Upgrade only if you are experiencing this particular problem in your test lab environment.

  • 2.2.b.20000524 - cosmetic changes to management tools; added DT1 and LANMan discovery to DTProbe. Minor internal improvements to Domain Time Server to improve efficiency (no changes to functionality or configuration). This is an optional upgrade.

  • 2.2.b.20000517 - added ERRORLEVEL result code to DTSet for use in batch files. DTSet returns ERRORLEVEL 0 if the time was not set, or ERRORLEVEL 1 if the time was set. Also corrected problem with management tools setup where the default link to DTSet was to the system directory instead of the install directory. This is an optional upgrade.

  • 2.2.b.20000516 - modified /w switch in DTCheck to mean "wait for success" rather than "wait for any results." Also made DHCP searching optional for DTSet. DTSet now will only use DHCP-specified servers (if any) if the /dhcp switch is specified. No changes to other products. This is an optional upgrade.

  • 2.2.b.20000512 - added multi-domain support to LMCheck. Fixed potential problem in domain browsing within Domain Time II Manager if the Computer Browser service is deliberately turned off on the Primary Domain Controller. Added /w switch to DTCheck. This is an optional upgrade.

  • 2.2.b.20000510 - added robots.txt handling to server's built-in web server. This will keep your Domain Time over HTTP server from showing up in most public search engines. This is an optional upgrade.

  • 2.2.b.20000508 - version 2.2 released. Thin Client and management tools introduced.


Version 2.1 Changelog

  • 2.1.b.20000329 - added LMCHECK. No changes in Domain Time functionality. Minor improvements to reduce load and improve efficiency of logging under extremely high load (more than 5 events within any one millisecond).

  • 2.1.b.20000305 - minor enhancements. Added master-changed broadcast message, responded to by clients only when no slaves are present. This allows master-client sync when no slaves are configured or running, with automatic fallback to master-slave and slave-client when slaves come back online. Also enhanced log messages to indicate when client is waiting for a dial-up connection.

  • 2.1.b.20000203 - minor enhancements. Added automatic logfile size-limiting (default 32K for clients, unlimited for servers; can be adjusted in the registry and in DOMTIME.INI). Added RespondToDTCheck to DOMTIME.INI. Added ability to specify port numbers in the server definition fields of the control panel applet (e.g., servername:portnumber). This port number is only used by Domain Time over HTTP. Added ability to specify port numbers in the proxy definition field on the control panel applet (only used for Domain Time over HTTP). Added ability to specify Domain Time over HTTP listen port number to force Domain Time Server to listen on a port other than 80 when Domain Time over HTTP service is enabled. If port is not specified and port 80 is already used, the server will hunt for a free port, starting with 81 and incrementing by one. Relaxed accuracy-seek requirements for clients running on Windows NT or Windows 2000 with slewing enabled.

  • 2.1.b.20000115 - minor enhancements. Increased internal cache size for Denial of Service protection routine; added code to auto-config client to allow it to respond to master broadcasts in the event that no slaves are present; added registry setting to allow control of how many threads are used by server for DT2 protocol; added registry setting to allow client to respond to DTCheck /V requests.

  • 2.1.b.20000112 - recommended upgrade. Corrected minor bug in Denial of Service protection routine that could cause temporary interruption of service.

  • 2.1.b.20000109 - added support for SOCKS4 proxy servers, Denial of Service protection, and access control.

  • 2.1.b.19991218 - minor upgrade. Added support for Windows for Workgroups client to Domain Time Server. Added code to support control panel's Add/Remove Programs functions. Fixed omission in remote removal code (NT only) to delete the Domain Time control panel applet on the remote machine.

  • 2.1.b.19991215 - cosmetic changes only. Added splash screen to registered version at customer request. The eval version has always had a splash screen (which cannot be disabled). The registered version's splash screen can be disabled from the Advanced dialog on the control panel. Also updated wording on control panel applets to make slewing options clearer.

  • 2.1.b.19991213 - added proxy authentication support.

  • 2.1.b.19991210 - added setup.exe and remote installation/removal for NT/Windows 2000 machines. Fixed bug that could cause looping if Tardis2000 with broadcast enabled is installed on the same subnet with Domain Time Server running SNTP server.

  • 2.1.b.19991207 - enhanced log messages for error conditions; split log messages for HTTP to record accesses by clients separately from accesses by browsers; fixed bug in client that could cause client to skip update if auto-config was turned off and RAS-awareness was enabled.

  • 2.1.b.19991205 - added backward-correction-by-slewing and streamlined window size calculation.

  • 2.1.b.19991129 - first release of Domain Time II; major update; all code completely rewritten.


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