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Domain Time II
Version 4.x


Version 4.1 Changelog

  • 4.1.b.20080916 - recommended upgrade; fixed callback semantics on service HandlerEx that could lead to service stoppage if the service was interrogated for status more than 65,000 times; also fixed issue on x64 where more memory than needed was being marked as reserved.

  • 4.1.b.20080426 - optional upgrade; fixed problem restarting service after upgrade when the service was manually configured by user to run under an account other than LocalSystem.

  • 4.1.b.20080229 - recommended upgrade; rollup of all fixes and enhancements; added Windows 2008 and Vista/Vista SP1-specific code. This is the last general release build supporting the Windows 2000, NT4, and Win9x/ME platforms. We will support XP/2003/Vista/2008 only from this point on (except for minor fixes or patches).

      • Added ability for all components to pass OS identification checks to correctly install and run on Windows 2008
      • Updated Manager's remote timezone display and control to work with Windows Vista SP1/2008
      • Upgraded remote connection verification within Manager to work reliably with Vista SP1/2008
      • Multiple changes for proper operation with User Access Control (UAC) restrictions on Vista, Vista SP1/2008.
      • Added workaround to various components for Vista/2008's poor program closing/cleanup routines
      • On Vista and 2008, services no longer run as interactive services
      • Various changes to allow new Vista/2008 code to be backwards-compatible with Win2003, XP, Win2000, NT4 and Win9x
      • Moved chiming functions into DTTray because Vista/2008 won't allow services to play wave files
      • Resampled time-of-day chimes to the same bit rate and format compatible with Vista/2008

      New Features/Enhancements
      • Added MS Networking (LM) timeouts to Manager to shorten wait period when MS Network browsing is disabled or nonfunctional
      • Added batch import processing to add machines from a file to Audit Server's Audit List
      • Added additional compatibility for other flavors of DHCP; speeded up DHCP queries
      • Added new routines to better handle off-the-wall early dates on startup
      • Added option 4 to Override Max Disparity (0 is default); 4 keeps Clock Change Monitor from overriding min/max values
      • Added NTFS Streams cleaning routine to prevent executables downloaded using IE from triggering spurious Attachment Execution Service Security Warning pop-ups
      • Various enhancements to upgrade routines
        • Added 3010 return code from install/upgrade to indicate if machine needs to be rebooted
        • Added reboot prompt when reboot is needed after Setup program wizard
        • Added reboot notification when reboot is needed after using setup program expert mode
        • Added warning notice in Setup's Expert Mode that service might not be running if reboot is required
        • Enhanced handling of W32Time service state during main program upgrades to avoid reboots
        • Enhanced log output for W32Time service manipulations to make the sequence of events clearer
      • Added significantly expanded debug output to various components
      • Added Enable Debug Log checkbox to the Log Settings tab on Server's Control Panel applet
      • Added /cmd="Audit Data" and /help to dtcheck.exe's list of supported commands, expanded command-line help
      • Added server timing recommendation display to DTCheck's output for /cmd=Filetime
      • Added security to DTClean.ini file to ensure file is not used unmodified
      • Added count of errors/warnings to DTClean finished prompt

      • Fixed log file viewer refresh/redraw issue on Vista
      • Fixed redraw error on Activity Monitor's window when partially covered by another window
      • Fixed DTTray spurious Service Not Started grey-clock error when services slow to start on Vista
      • Fixed Server to eliminate cases where Client Timing recommendations were not offered to Clients requesting them
      • Fixed issue where foreground user cannot save changes/interact with background services on Vista
      • Fixed Client selection radio buttons in main setup program
      • Fixed control panel launch from DTTray for Win98 if control.exe is in unexpected location
      • Internal changes to audit data packet structure
      • Changed some diagnostic log info (i.e. available IP addresses) to only display if debug is enabled
      • Added critical tests in various routines for parm loads occurring at the exact moment of audit/info requests
      • Made Server's CPL match Client CPL's behavior in launching DTTray after initial install
      • Cleaned up various unused registry entries when removing products using main setup program
      • Adjusted spacing of elements on control panel applets to display correctly when themes are turned off
      • Corrected DAYTIME-TCT to DAYTIME-TCP in all domtime.ini files
      • Changed year from 2007 to 2008 in various copyright notices

    • 4.1.b.20071002 - optional upgrade; OEM changes and several minor internal fixes.

    • 4.1.b.20070901 - recommended upgrade; introduced fix for exception in main thread. This fix is a workaround to account for changes in Microsoft libraries combined with the AMD multi-core timer bug. Please see our knowledgebase article for information about the AMD multi-core timer bug and how to resolve it. This workaround does not eliminate the need for AMD systems to have the latest drivers from AMD, but it does allow Domain Time II to keep running even when timer errors are encountered. You should update Domain Time II even if you are not using AMD processors, since this version will also handle other kinds of problems that generate similar exceptions from unexpected or invalid very large corrections.

    • 4.1.b.20070827 - optional upgrade; fixed internationalization support for reading the browse list in non-English versions of Windows; removed Audit Server's repository upload function.

    • 4.1.b.20070809 - optional upgrade; enhancements. Audit Server enhancements include additional reporting fields and formatting, background drift report collection and background processing of new machine discovery, and automatic expansion of collected .dt files into .txt files. Full Client enhancements include ability to toggle debug logging mode on and off from the control panel applet, W32Time management logging, and better detection of W32Time settings during initial installation. Also corrected the procedure for upgrading via Manager on remote Vista machines to work around Vista's privilege check mechanism. After upgrading to this version, future upgrades should go smoothly. NOTE: If you have trouble upgrading a Vista client using Manager, then either run Setup directly on the Vista machine or stop the Domain Time Client (or Domain Time Server) service on the Vista machine and wait three minutes before upgrading from Manager.

    • 4.1.b.20070713 - optional upgrade; added OEM features for customizing the Daily Report format in Audit Server. No changes to other components.

    • 4.1.b.20070704 - mandatory upgrade if 4.1.b.20070614 is installed. The fix introduced in 20070614 addressed an exception, but did not correctly account for negative variances in all cases. This could lead to long-term clock instability. The upgrade is optional if 20070614 was never installed on your machine. This version also introduces several OEM features for Audit Server.

    • 4.1.b.20070614 - withdrawn - see above. Fixed bug that could cause the main timing thread to throw an exception when manipulating extremely large variances (typically only seen in lab testing or at startup if the CMOS clock battery is dead). Also enhanced log messages to show exactly how Domain Time manages the Windows Time service (if set to do so). Corrected logic to eliminate the need for a service restart or reboot after install or upgrade in order to get the Windows Time behavior to match configured settings.

    • 4.1.b.20070611 - optional upgrade; fixed bug affecting interpretation of STRING:Force Windows Time State=Disabled statement when added manually to domtime.ini; also added log output to show when Domain Time changes the Windows Time service state. Also added OEM features to DT Manager.

    • 4.1.b.20070606 - optional upgrade; added OEM feature to Audit Server data report format; fixed bug when Microsoft error message was too long for Audit Server's buffer.

    • 4.1.b.20070601 - optional upgrade; added OEM features to DAYTIME protocol output; changed calling conventions for internal routines to reduce memory footprint; added several internal modifications; changed Audit Server to allow triggers by either milliseconds or seconds (formerly, the setting only allowed seconds); changed Audit Server to provide optional text dumps of drift files in same directory as drift files (when collecting drift records from other machines).

    • 4.1.b.20070418 - recommended upgrade; added workaround for intermittent service termination problem on SQL Server machines in SNMP-monitored environments.

    • 4.1.b.20070308 - optional upgrade; added OEM features to DTTest. No other changes.

    • 4.1.b.20070301 - optional upgrade; updated handling of Windows Time (W32Time) service when installing Domain Time Server onto a Domain Controller.

    • 4.1.b.20070217 - optional upgrade; added OEM features; no other changes.

    • 4.1.b.20070201 - optional upgrade; changed date to 2007, added OEM features, fixed display problem with long rDNS names in Audit Server dialog boxes.

    • 4.1.b.20061010 - optional upgrade; fixed problem with some domtime.ini values not being read correctly during initial product installation; fixed problem with UNC paths in Audit Server; updated DTTray startup code; fixed potential race condition during DTServer startup; enhanced exception tracking output; added control panel support for log message options introduced in 4.1.b.20060130.

    • 4.1.b.20060505 - optional upgrade; added dtslew.exe (a stand-alone program to slew the clock x amount for a one-time correction); added the ability to specify a computer name on the command line for DTRCPL; added support for Windows Vista Beta 2.

    • 4.1.b.20060220 - optional upgrade; fixed bug in monitor's alert text where worst full client was listed instead of worst client of any type.

    • 4.1.b.20060130 - optional upgrade; added registry and domtime.ini settings to allow suppression of messages in the log (text log or event viewer) when the time is checked and set successfully. Chiefly useful for those using the Thin Client and only want to see errors or warnings in the event viewer log.

    • 4.1.b.20060126 - optional upgrade; added configurable timeout to Audit Server discovery broadcasts. Added multiple threads and adaptive timeouts to Audit Server's sync-before-audit feature; added support for closing the Domain Time System Tray icon (dttray.exe) during remote upgrades when the workstation is locked.

      Also corrected a problem in the splash screen for the eval version which incorrectly notified users that the evaluation period had expired before 30 days had elapsed. This was a display problem only; it did not actually affect the evaluation period or the operation of the software.

    • 4.1.b.20060117 - OEM update; corrected text descriptions inside custom builds for OEM partners. No end-user changes.

    • 4.1.b.20060105 - optional upgrade; improved handling of remote upgrades from Manager or command line where the remote system has the main service executable open with a "user-mapped section" locked.

    • 4.1.b.20060104 - optional upgrade; corrected alignment of some visual elements that were off-center on various screens; added ability to disable the Windows Time Agent from domtime.ini and/or server/client's control panel applets.

    • 4.1.b.20060101 - initial release

      Version 4.1 introduces the full native support for XP 64-bit Edition and 2003 64-bit Edition for all Windows components, plus these new utilities:

      and enhancements to these programs:

      • Integrated Audit Server into the main setup program and Manager;
      • The patch updater now handles both i386 (32-bit) and AMD64 (64-bit) binaries in one executable;
      • The ntpcheck utility now has a -raw switch to show packet data;
      • Added a connection troubleshooter to Manager
      • Enhanced Manager's variance report to include NTP servers and Windows Time Agent machines
      • Added detailed statistics and sync information to the raw data display for all drift graphs;
      • Added Time of Day Chimes to the system tray applet; and,
      • Enhanced user control of slew correction times


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