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Domain Time II
Version 3.x


Version 3.2 Changelog

  • 3.2.b.20051207 - recommended update: patch for better handling of the upcoming (31 December 2005) leap second. Under certain conditions, versions of Domain Time II prior to 3.2.b.20051207 may stop accepting timestamps from NTP sources if the NTP source has set the "leap indicator" flag. This flag should only be set during the 24 hours prior to the insertion of a leap second, so the worst-case scenario is that Domain Time II will not be able to obtain time from an NTP source during that 24-hour period. Both before and after the day of the leap second, Domain Time II will function normally.

    If you don't apply this patch, machines that obtain the time solely from NTP sources may not be able to verify and correct the time during the 24-hour period immediately prior to midnight Universal Coordinated Time on Saturday, 31 December 2005.

  • 3.2.b.20050505 - optional update; added NTP Server auto-discovery to Audit Server, fixed long time-out problem when discovering slaves on the control panel applet for master servers, corrected misspelled word in report text of DTTest.

  • 3.2.b.20050118 - optional update; corrected copyright dates on graphics, fixed minor logging bug at startup, added support for remote Audit Server control to DTRCPL; renamed distribution files to dt32* instead of dt31*.

  • 3.2.b.20050109 - recommended upgrade; added sync on resume from suspend, daytime protocol (server only), and fix for replacing in-use components during upgrade or removal. This release includes roll-up of all OEM features and components since 3.1 was released, plus fixes for minor issues not addressed by any formal release.


Version 3.1 Changelog

  • 3.1.b.20041022 - recommended upgrade; fixed bug introduced in 20040724 version that prevented Manager and other utilities from completing an install of client on demand. If you have difficulty installing Client using Manager or Update Server, you should upgrade your Manager install to the current version.

  • 3.1.b.20040724 - maintenance release; fixed bug in server control panel applet when enabling NTP on a 2003 DC; fixed bug in Audit Server control panel applet that prevented the applet from recognizing when Audit Server was running under a user-specified security context on 2003. Added code to upgrade procedure to retain user-specified security context if not set to defaults. Upgrade optional.

  • 3.1.b.20040607 - maintenance release; fixed bug that can cause Ultra Thin client to stop recognizing broadcasts after 49.7 continuous days running.

  • 3.1.b.20040307 - recommended update. Changed service shutdown sequence to work around problem in XP that caused occasional error messages during machine shutdown. Also added OEM features and changed copyright date on splash screens.

  • 3.1.b.20040120 - maintenance release; changed copyright date to 2004 and fixed typo in drift statistics raw data report header. Upgrade optional.

  • 3.1.b.20031124 - maintenance release; OEM feature changes and new Windows Time handling features (see Registry Settings that Affect Windows Time). Upgrade optional.

  • 3.1.b.20031116 - maintenance release; added OEM features, improved detection of MS cluster service, made Windows Time service defaults consistent across clients and server.

  • 3.1.b.20031016 - maintenance release; optional upgrade. Fixed typo in report output and added automated cleanup of temp files generated by viewing raw data reports from the system tray icon or the management tools (previous versions created the temp files and left them in the temp directory).

  • 3.1.b.20030810 - maintenance release; optional upgrade. Minor fixes, added OEM features; added forced sync triggers and synchronization log collection to Audit Server; fixed typographical errors in dialog boxes. No other changes.

  • 3.1.b.20030801 - Initial release of version 3.1. Recommended upgrade for all users.
    • Support for Win9x/NT/2K/XP/2003 in all Windows Clients.
    • Support for NT/2K/XP/2003 in all Server and Management Tools.
    • Windows Server 2003 compatibility (addressed Microsoft's installation version checking bug).
    • Various user-suggested enhancements and all fixes from previous version incorporated.
    • Significantly increased accuracy in all components:
      • Improved latency calculations for Domain Time II protocols.
      • All time components now compute variances and timestamps in hectonanoseconds internally.
      • NT/2K/XP/2003 machines use an interpolation technique to yield accuracies greater than the machine's normative clock-tick. More info
    • Public release of Audit Server.
      • Added detail to audit records collected from Domain Time II components.
      • Can now collect limited audit records from NTP Servers.
      • Improved Audit List control and discovery.
      • Can now automatically add machines that contact Domain Time II Servers to the Audit List.
      • Reference clock can now be specified.
    • Added remote control of Audit Server to Domain Time II Manager.
    • Added internal functions to all components for Audit Server compatibility.
    • Introduced Ultra Thin Client (NTP and DT2 broadcast listener).
    • Added additional functions for broadcast time (including support for Ultra Thin Client) to Domain Time II Server.
    • Added graphical analysis tools to multiple components:


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