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Configuration Topic:

  • Installation
    Installing the Domain Time II Management Tools

  • Browse
    Connect to and remotely control machines on your network

  • Variance Reports
    See how accurate the time is across your network

  • Network Scan
    Display the role each machine plays in your time distribution structure

  • License Scan
    Retrieve the number and status of Domain Time II licenses you have deployed

  • Batch Operations
    Automatically install, upgrade, or remove Domain Time II from many machines at once

  • Advanced Settings and Tools
    Set broadcast addresses, install Update Server, Monitor Service, Audit Server etc.

    • Update Server
      Automatically install Domain Time to machines as they're added to the network

    • Monitor Service
      Perform regular variance reports and generate alerts if any machine isn't correctly synchronized

    About Manager
    End User License Agreement for Domain Time II

Domain Time II Manager
Version 4.1

Domain Time II Manager is the central application in an integrated suite of applications and services (known as the Domain Time II Management Tools) that allow you to remotely install, configure, control, and monitor your Domain Time II components across the network.

The program is designed to be the central control center for your time system, and it has many powerful features to simplify all aspects of configuring and using Domain Time II.


Launching the Program

Once installed, Domain Time II Manager is started from its icon in the Programs-->Domain Time II folder of the Windows Start Menu.

Starting the Domain Time II Manager Application

Starting Server using the System Tray icon Note: If you choose to use the automatic Update Server or Monitor features, these components are installed as system services and can be configured either from within the Manager program, or by using their respective Control Panel Applets.

Another easy way to launch Manager (or, indeed any Domain Time II component) is to right-click on the Domain Time icon in the System Tray to bring up the context menu (see right).

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