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    Domain Time for Windows for Workgroups is a special 16-bit version of Domain Time written for use on Windows for Workgroups machines running Microsoft Networking. This version of Domain Time uses the Domain Time I protocol exclusively. See the Protocols overview for a description.

    This program is not supported on other 16-bit versions of Windows, such as Windows 3.x.

    In order for the client to work, you must also have:

    • A Domain Time II Server running on the same network segment as the client.
    • The Domain Time I protocol enabled on the Server's advanced dialog tab.

    Note: In a special mode specifically for this client, the Domain Time I protocol provides the server's local time instead of UTC/GMT to the client. This is because Windows for Workgroups does not support timezones and daylight savings time adjustments.

    Since the Domain Time Client for Windows for Workgroups only works on the local segment, it is reasonable to assume that the client machine's time zone and daylight savings settings should match the local server's settings.

    Note that this particular combination -- Domain Time Client for Windows for Workgroups using Domain Time I against a Domain Time II server -- is the only time the server's time zone settings matter to a client. All other Domain Time II protocol-client combinations use UTC/GMT.


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