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 Documentation\Technical Information\Accuracy
    Terms and Definitions
    A glossary of time-related terms and concepts covered in this documentation

    About PC Clocks
    An overview of PC clocks; their limitations, resolution, and methods of obtaining accurate synchronization

    Clock Slewing
    An explanation of how Domain Time II uses clock slewing to adjust the clock

    Clock Target Seeking
    How each Domain Time II component adjusts to correct the time, and how often it synchronizes with its source

    Clock-Tick Interpolation
    Interpolating time to achieve accuracies beyond the machine's normative tick resolution.

    Accelerated Clock Training
    An explanation of the Accelerated Clock Training function of Domain Time II components

    When to use Heartbeats and NTP Broadcasts
    A discussion of the Broadcast Time features of Domain Time II, and when to enable them.

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