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Configuration Topic:

  • Overview
    What is Audit Server, how does it work?
  • Installation
    Instructions for installing Domain Time II Audit Server
  • Audit Schedules
    Set the schedule for collecting time information
  • Audit List
    Maintain the list of machines to be audited
  • Discovery
    Control how Audit Server finds systems to audit
  • Alerts & Logs
    Set up out-of-sync alarms, alerting, and logging options
  • Cache
    Control the Local Data Cache
  • Audit Space Estimator
    Calculate how much storage you'll need for your audit data
  • Advanced
    Set the advanced options for Audit Server
  • Registry Settings
    Registry settings for Audit Server





    Note: The Offsite Repository service has been discontinued as of August 21, 2007. The documentation page related to this retired function can be viewed here.
Domain Time II Audit Server
Version 4.1

Domain Time II Audit Server is a system service that automatically collects detailed time sync records and logs from machines on your network to create a complete and secure audit trail of your network's time. Gather audit date from Domain Time II Servers and Clients, NTP servers, and even machines running Windows Time (using the Windows Time Agent).

Easily prove that the machines handling your critical transactions had the correct time yesterday, last week, or last year! Easily comply with record-keeping and regulatory compliance requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11 or NASD OATS.

Audit Server can also act as a sophisticated time monitoring system that can raise out-of-sync alerts and flag machines that are not responding to time synchronization so you can act quickly to resolve any problems. Audit Server also keeps historical clock drift records so you can see graphically how any clock on your network was performing over any period - great for troubleshooting!


Launching the Program

Once installed, Domain Time II Audit Server can be configured directly using its Control Panel Applet. The applet can be configured whether the Domain Time II Audit Server service is running or not.

Note: On Vista with UAC enabled, you must Shift+Right Click and choose Run As... from the context menu to launch the Control Panel applet. On Windows Server Core, type in dtaudit.cpl on the command line.

Starting Audit Server using Control Panel

Starting Audit Server using the System Tray icon Audit Server can also be configured remotely using Domain Time II Manager (included with the Domain Time II Management Tools package).

You may also launch the Domain Time II Audit Server applet (and many other installed Domain Time II components) by right-clicking on the Domain Time icon in the System Tray to bring up the context menu.

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