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    Domain Time II Clients are designed to accurately synchronize with time servers over a network. Most of the Domain Time II Clients are system services (or daemons) that run automatically in the background to keep the time synchronized to a high degree of precision.

    Although a number of the Clients can also synchronize with third-party time sources using RFC-standard time protocols, all Domain Time Clients can use the Domain Time protocols to interface tightly with Domain Time II Servers and Management tools to obtain even more functionality (such as remote installation and control), auditability, and even higher accuracy.

    Domain Time Clients are available for most popular operating systems and hardware platforms. See the detailed instructions below for complete information on the various types and functions of clients.

     Clients for Windows

     Clients for UNIX and Linux

      Domain Time II daemons
      • Solaris
        • SPARC
        • Intel

      • FreeBSD
        • Intel

      • Linux
        • RedHat or Mandrake
        • SuSE
        • TurboLinux
        • Debian or Stormix
        • Slackware or Other Linux

     Clients for Other Platforms


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